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Seafood experts

Expertise, audit and consultancy

Diagnosis of existing installations

● Inventory of existing equipment (capacity, operation).
● Inventory of procedures and practices.
● Analysis of physico-chemical parameters.
● Analysis of strengths / areas for improvement.
● Analysis of objectives to be achieved.
● Proposals / recommendations for solutions (equipment, practices and organization).
● Quality audit and best practices.
● Audit of manufacturing processes.

Project design

● Assistance in drawing up specifications
● Design, sizing and organization of project (from receipt of raw material to dispatch) according to specifications.
● Monitoring of installation, commissioning and industrial testing.

Coaching for executives and department heads

Specialists in the fishing industry

Project Management Assistance – PMA

Optimising and supporting the work of the contracting authority with the project management team, we are a true relay for your projects with experience and expertise in the industrial field:

For a project involving a new site, refurbishment or a new production line, HALIOCÉAN provides support for project owners (Fish processors, shipowners, Fish auction market , local authorities) and project management.

● Our solid operational experience in the field, both in France and around the world, guarantees you a very concrete and pragmatic approach with a broad vision of everything that can be done in your field.

● Seafood and industrial expertise: for an exhaustive review of your ranges, your industrial strategy, forecast volumes and supply strategies, the versatility and agility of production tools according to the seasonality of products and sales, and your organisation.

● Productivity, yields, quality, safety, the environment, profitability and sustainability: we build reliable, solid, scalable projects that meet your expectations and enable you to perform effectively.

HALIOCÉAN is involved in all phases of your project, whatever its nature or size, from the planning stage, through to the preliminary design, project design, assistance with the works contract, implementation and management of the works contract(s).

years of experience in the field

Studies and assignments

HALIOCÉAN carries out studies on structuring and strategic subjects for the fishing sector and all of its stakeholders.
Each subject is analysed and then we propose the most appropriate methodology and team of experts to achieve the objectives set and the expected results.

We can provide answers and solutions based on real tools:

● Inventory and state of the art of knowledge, techniques, practices, bibliography and regulations
● Analysis of issues and needs
● Proposed solutions, pragmatic and practical approach
● Proposal of action plans and protocols
● Carrying out surveys of industry players
● Set up and conduct tests and trials
● Deliverables with conclusions and recommendations

years of experience in the field

Research and development

As part of a research and development approach, you can call on us to address a wide range of issues:

● Responding to new consumer trends by developing new products and processes.
● Adding value to all products or co-products in line with market demands.
● Supporting innovations in packaging, conditioning and transport, in order to incorporate new consumption and distribution patterns, changes in regulations concerning the materials used, the opening up of certain markets, and optimising processes
● Take into account the technical and physiological constraints of each product, particularly live products, to ensure the best possible quality and profitability.

Thanks to our expertise and our network of professionals, we can handle:

● Setting up protocols with your teams
● Carrying out tests and trials on your premises, with your equipment, our equipment, or in technical centres adapted to the subject
● Secondment and management of dedicated staff to optimize time and efficiency

Innovation Tax Credit (CII) :
HALIOCÉAN has been approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation as an organisation carrying out research and development (R&D) on behalf of companies. Following validation by the French government, certain subjects entrusted to us may now be eligible for the Innovation Tax Credit (CII).


years of experience in the field

Administrative files

In conjunction with the government departments and bodies concerned, we prepare, draft, present and monitor administrative files until they are obtained:

● Health approval file: mandatory approval for the start-up of any activity handling materials of animal origin; this document must meet the health and regulatory requirements of the Sanitary authorities.
● Single safety document : a compulsory document for any company with 1 or more employees; this involves identifying and assessing occupational risks at each workstation, together with an action plan.
● Applications for grants and subsidies: (Départements, Regions, FEAMPA, CIR, FranceAgrimer)

We can:
● Identify for each of your projects the financial means of support that exist and for which you are eligible.
● Carry out the applications you have identified until you obtain the subsidies.

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